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Default Monitor/Resolution prob after installing new monitor on Radeon AIW

I have been quite satisfied with my Radeon AIW so far. Until I got my hands on a Intergraph 21sd95 (Panasonic OEM TX-D2162W) monitor, as the RAIW does not see it. What happens is that after plugging in the monitor in the RAIW board, the comp starts in limited resolution (16X640X480). I cannot change it and if I try the colors go down to 4bit or something. Rebooting means a black screen after the winxp startup logo and if I start in VGA mode the same happens. EG the comp starts in limited resolution (16X640X480), and the result is as above.

Under the monitors tab, it reports two monitors connected, a PnP monitor and a VGA Deafult. I have tried playing around with this, disabeling one or the other. Installing drivers for the monitor on one or the other, with no luck.

I have tried reinstalling WinXP and the newest RAIW drivers, several times. Tried running with the MS drivers and no luck. Tried installing winme and 2k and still the same...

Funny thing is when I remove the RAIW and plug the monitor in the onboard i740 GPU, there is no problems. My mobo is a ASUS CUSL2 with the newes bios revision (1009). Other hardware present is a Maxtor and a IBM HD, Live! Platinium and 3Com 905B and a Plextor Combo drive.

I have tried searching on this subject but with no luck. Please poin me in the rigth direction if this have already been solved. I have also tried ATI support, getting a standart e-mail back about installing the drivers proberly.


PS: Did I say that my old monitor was a EIZO...

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