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NITE is still being judged by the masses


K, here you go Moshpit.

Hercules monochrome
Cga card cant remember the name
Ati Vga those were damn expensive
Ati series 7 vga
Trident vga cant remember model
Trident vl bus cant remember model
Ati mach 64gt with Diamond monster 3dfx(still have)
Creative 3dblaster banshee(still have)
3DFX 5500 (still have)
MSI Geforce2 GTS( lasted 4 hours in the game and switched back to 5500)
ATI 8500
Sapphire X1800GTO2 flashed to just under XT speeds.

There was also a cirrus logicvga card in the early mixup.
The GTS was to see what all the hub bub about the geforces was.
Was fast but looked a bit oversaturated.
The v5 looked way better and paced it within a few frames.
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