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I said "Oh what the hell" and bought the ID pack on steam. Which contains all the Doom games and expansion paks, Quake games and expansion paks up to QuakeIII, Hectic Wolfenstein 3d and paks and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. So my HP netbook, E350.

So far I am rather impressed, didn't expect Quake 3, max settings, 4x AA by drivers and 16x AF by drivers would do 101fps with demo 1at 720p. Game play felt real smooth and brought back some rather found memories of this game and action.

Now Return to Castle Wolfenstein was totally different it just plays mostly in the teens but spikes up in the sixties not very playable, I may have messed up the configuration file since I changed to custom resolution and aspect ratio. Deleting the configuration files causes it to bring back automatically a new configuration with previous settings still in there, may have to reload this game.

Doom3, max settings but with texture compression, 2x AA, 8xAF, some optimizations inserted in the config file plus wide screen settings in the config file I get 30.5fps on demo1, 720p. The short play I did was smooth though.

I figure I play something a litle bit more modern, COD 4, didn't run the benchmark yet but game play was playable with max settings and no AA and no AF. Will test more on this one.

Another more modern day game was Left for dead. Problem was I was getting hitching (pauses) but appears if I can correct that problem then that game would also be playable.

For a 64bit memory interface with the GPU and Cpu sharing the bandwidth I am concluding the E350 does rather well and AMD did a rather good job in making everything work. It is no modern day high end game player but on older games, which are thousands of them, they appear to be on the most part very playable and probably more restictive to if they will play on Win7 64bit then anythings else. Of course modern day internet games, card games, chess etc. should also have no problem with the E350.

Llano will probably be first Fusion chip that will make an excellent HPTC beyond just playing videos.

The E350 is actually outstanding in a netbook, does videos great for the most part, can play older games with high settings, outstanding battery life (first mobile I have that I can use for 4-6 hours without even thinking about the battery) and relatively cheap. Getting it away from that market I think it starts to falter. Embedded processors for manufactuering is in dire straights for a usable low power/heat producing chip for a usable user interface that is consistent and modern, there the E350 has more power then is needed and would excell at that task. The high price junk on the market now for embedded processors need to be scraped with something more useful, more standardize etc. My opinion.
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