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Default Tablet for my son

Hi guys, iam looking to buy a tablet, mainly for my son, but it will also be used a little bit around the house by adults.

Basically wondering what to get between an Apple product or Samsung. I have a Samsung S4 phone and I had a S3 before it, and I like them.

My son will mainly use the tablet for playing games, as well as watching a few films and using the camera. Hopefully will keep it a few years.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A looks good for the money, but its obviously inferior to the flagship model. Would it make much difference to a 7 year old?

Im also eyeing up a Ipad Mini 2, but I really hate the fact you cant add a SD card to it, and ive never liked anything apple.

A full size ipad air seems very expensive, the Samsung Tab S2 doesn't look to bad, and its probably what im looking at most.
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