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Originally Posted by xCLAVEx View Post
It's still an option to do so, but I REALLY like the small size of the case as real estate around my desk is minimal. So short of buying a new desk which I don't want to do right now, this is the best option.

I am aware turning turbo off does reduce the computers performance, but FS2020 with everything at ultra runs silky smooth now even without it, and I can always enable it later when I want to tweak the voltage settings a bit more. Cyberpunk runs like a dream too. I'm running 1440p not 4k, maybe at 4k it would need more power but 1440p is perfect.

I will try the external fan at the rear and likely zip tie it on and see if that solves the issue this weekend. Even if it drops the temps by just 4-5c, that would be enough for what I want. The mobo and cpu are running nice and cool, I just need to work on the vid card with some airflow.
You need a case? I'll send you one. Free + Shipping.
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