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Originally Posted by demowhc View Post
lmao whats your problem? all I asked for is your Vantage score without PhysX to get an accurate comparison against other systems in this thread and you go all ghey .

so without getting all emo on me wheres your Vantage scores with PhysX disabled?

btw my system runs every game on the market fine at 1080p which is all I wanted
didnt u read what i wrote? monday or tuesday? i got no mobo to bench wit lmao i guess u were right ur a tard. u a funny dude too. well i can run physx disabled and enabled but can u ran physx enabled? well on thing i know like umm... NEverRR! wit ur setup. you quoted this "I'm a tard and just saw monday" oh man what a good day to start for me. okay im done here for now dont wanna stir up KOMOTIONS. well can say wutever u want after all its a forum.

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