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Originally Posted by pax View Post
Well they say wafer production was increased by 40% in Dec due to demand. At some point between those who cant afford the current prices, millions are unemployed and more losing their jobs all the time at about a million a week in the US, and the satiating of consumer demand at the high end I dont see that taking a year.

I say by summer things will stabilize assuming no unusual production disruption.
Pax what do you mean by stabilize? At AMD's latest earnings call shareholders asked them why they wanted to produce more MBA cards at MSRP when they could sell them for far more and make more profit. Making big profits is AMD's & Nvidia's main aim, not selling cheap cards. Higher SKU margins mean bigger profits so win win for shareholders.

Whether we like it or not higher GPU prices are here to stay it would seem so we all need to just get used to the new normal.
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