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Default The Culprit – found and terminated!

For the past week, I've noticed some chew holes in potato chip bags and little droppings all around the house. I called an exterminator and he said that I have a mouse! Well... I have YET to see a mouse... until today! I enter the kitchen to get me a Mountain Dew from the fridge. Since I just got off from school, I'm still wearing shoes and all (and they are pretty thick shoes). I got a drink and then stepped back and then in comes my wife in the kitchen and starts SCREAMING! I'm like "WHAT?" And there it was... dead... right next to the fridge. As I opened the fridge for a nice refreshing Mountain Dew, I accidentally stepped on and crushed the little culprit. Here is a pic from the scene of the crime:

Farewell you potato bag chewin', turd droppin' menace!
I hardly knew ye!
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