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Originally Posted by Exposed View Post
Doesn't look worse either, its comparable according to this video. Which means DLSS is actually doing its job, giving you a better image than 1440p by upscaling to 4k so you don't have to run in 1440p RTX natively. Why mess with a custom resolution if you can just tick a box?

Also a big point is that you cannot use RTX with 1800p custom resolution with Metro Exodus.
Or you know, just run it at the resolution you want to claim you do.

The entire thing of DLSS to me is just one amazing example of how people still haven't mastered the idea of garbage in, garbage out. There is no way that you are going to ever have parity between an up scaled resolution vs. native resolution. There may be some trickery to go with it; you'll see some canned examples of how it is near perfect in the form of synthetic demos, but it will not be quick enough in any actual "gameplay" to be on that same level as simply running it at the resolution you want to claim it is.

4k DLSS isn't 4k. It is a marketing gimmick plain and simple.
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