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Originally Posted by NWR_Midnight View Post
Why would I get a vacation? I have done nothing wrong except state a different opinion that is not in agreement with yours, so please stop with your "vacation" threats.
Your baited statements like these have been reported:

It's fun to watch all the RTX 2080ti owners fall for a placebo effect to substantiate their expensive purchase.

But, hey, keep believing in the placebo effect, if it makes you happy and feel better for spending $1300 on a GPU.

Essentially you dropped in with those statements with the clear intent to troll/bait.

I was countering you comment about "what happened to the 'it won't be playable above 1080p' " comment, which you just admitted that it can't be done at 4k, as well as admitting it isn't true 4k.. so my comment stands that raytracing is only viable at 1080p fully utilizing it. Not the water down versions that we see in Battlefield V and Metro. Also, in battlefield 5, they removed the amount of ray traces being done per frame (If I remember correctly, it as more than a 50% reduction in what is being ray traced) not just the back and forth lighting etc. That was their answer to optimization.
All of your comments are wrong and your issue you won't admit being wrong even with facts presented directly to you. Such as the case when you had all sorts of misinformation about Deep Learning itself and others had to correct you on numerous occasions.

As I said before, Battlefield 5 removed ray tracing on objects that didnt need them, like leaves. Did you see any reflections on leaves before the RTX performance patch? No, so that wasteful resource was eliminated. And there was an RTX rendering bug that allowed a large number of light bounces that they fixed.

I feel I am repeating myself here. There are videos from Digital Foundry and Dice themselves on the specific improvements in the other Battlefield 5 thread. Go have a gander.

If all you wanted to say was ray tracing is only really playable in 1080p "fully utilized", then that is yet another wrong statement...just for the fact that Battlefield 5 was fully playable at 1440p 60fps BEFORE any performance patches. Again, I feel I'm repeating myself here, this was posted in the Battlefield 5 RTX thread.
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