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Nunz, we know Intel's 14nm process is more advanced than the number suggest. I think the industry as a whole understands this... hence the ++++'s at the end. The amount of space between the transistors is much smaller than other's processes. It's well understood that their 14nm node is insanely dense. That does not do anything for power. Which is why rocket lake has two less cores than comet lake.

The biggest reason why Intel has dominated with the Core CPU line is because of their insane process advantage. There was a time where they were making 65nm Core's vs Athlons 90nm. I think they even reached 45nm for a brief time before AMD could even leave 90 completely. AMD fab technology was no slouch, but that just goes to show how much more advanced Intel was.

The point is, they don't have a process advantage anymore. Chances are they will never get back either. Moores law is dying and they have to get more creative with how they make CPU's. Which is why we are going to see stranger architectures come about from both AMD and Intel going forward. Even if they were making Rocket lake on 10nm like it was planned, it still would not be enough to convincingly beat AMD, as we see with Tiger Lake struggling against AMD.

For the last 5 years they have been poorly mismanaged. They should have saked Bob over a year ago.
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