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I mean, if we're gonna talk about what I SHOULD have gotten, how about a Ryzen 9 5950X, maybe some nice DDR4 4000 and a new case while I was at it since mine won't hold a 360mm.... Maybe I should have splurged on the super-duper 700+ dollar X570 board instead of the 200 dollar bang for buck choice I made...

We can play that stupid game all day long, it doesn't help anybody but the ego of the one making silly suggestions AFTER a purchase is made and the user is happy with it. Honestly, people.... Show some class. What do you expect me to do, return the PERFECTLY good ram I ordered already and buy what YOU want me to buy? Sorry, doesn't work like that. I bought what -I- wanted to buy and am happy with it.

Edit - Suggest things like utilities I will need for AMD that I may not have for Intel. Suggest bios tweaks or maybe even PCIe settings to avoid bugs. Gimme something USEFUL, not your fantasy of what YOU would buy, it's too late for that and I wouldn't have listened to begin with. I know what parts I want and buy those. Done it since most of you wern't even members of this forum, and a decade before that even. If I need your help picking parts, I will ask for it BEFORE I buy them, not after.

This means you, especially, KAC... I was joking above, because that's how seriously I take your suggestions. You clearly were not making that suggestion for my benefit, I clearly said what I already bought and was on it's way and unlike you, I don't just send back perfectly good hardware for a spec number somebody on a forum suggests post-event. I picked what I could afford and wanted. End of story. Got any good tweak suggestions for the parts I picked? I'm all ears for that...

Edit 2: Work with me here, folks... This is Rage3D, once the premier ATI/AMD fans site for years and one of the best sites for tech tweaks in the old days. I'm kinda lost with the whole AMD system level tweaks and hoped to lean a bit on my oldest, most trusted resource to bounce ideas off of. If and when I need help with selecting parts, just call the old folks home for me already, I shouldn't be building anything anymore if I need help picking the parts that fit my budget. Been doing it a tad too long to need help there, but would be sure to speak up if I did. As it is, I just want some pointers of how to get the most out of what I ordered without being told to go buy something else. Is that so hard?
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