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Originally Posted by Nunz View Post
Enjoy your shitty hardware dude. You are an egomaniac, it's insane. Purchased does not mean shipped or delivered, and it really isn't hard to swap an item out prior to shipping. Regardless, you treated KAC like **** and he didn't deserve that for a great suggestion. For all the "knowledge" you think you have, you haven't shown much of it, even in the 3080/3090 thread when you treated a ton of people like **** because some didn't agree with your opinion based crap.

What a joke. Good advice is spit on. Makes sense.
What part of BUDGET is unclear to you? Honestly, you are not making sense at all anymore. Great suggestion? No, nothing of the sort, and you are now irrelevant to me. I know what YOU deem good advice and think it drivel and completely unrelated to my situation.

Edit: I'm glad you have money to throw at those kind of changes on a whim. I do not. I spent what I have and am not changing anything. I did not post asking "Hey guys, do I need to change anything?" No. I posted "THIS is what I got, and this is why". And since you bring up the 3090 thread, very kind of you since this thread was about my finally doing what I said I would in that thread, and MAYBE getting some good suggestions on what to do with what I got. Not ignorance telling me to spend more when I don't want to. Who are you to tell me what to spend and what to change? I didn't ask for that and your ARROGANCE to force yours and KACs OPINION is beyond words.
If you feel like I'm hurting your wittle feelings too much, refer me to this thread : A new nicer moshpit???
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