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Originally Posted by Flyordie View Post
How has a card that new failed already? Pull the heatsink off and re-apply paste, check to see that the vram chips aren't caked in dust n such. I found my primary HD5770 that I bought had an airbubble in the corner of the die in the thermal paste that wouldn't let it get over 1Ghz. (it capped out at 915-925)

I hope its not 100% dead.

My HD5770s are still running strong. The primary one when not Xfired has seen hours of gaming at 1Ghz core. When xfired they sit at 950Mhz each.

VRAM is running 1270Mhz (GDDR5) Samsung built (5G Modules)
Thank you for your input Flyordie, much appreciated. Its not 100% dead but definitely unusable. I did take off the heatsick and blew off what little dust was there on the VRAM modules. Applied thermal paste and tested it but got the same symptoms, vertical stripes and bars galore. I noticed a metallic area on the board was pitted (chrome flaking off and slightly rusted) dont know if that has anything to do with the card's problem.

Got me a new Sapphire R9 270X this Thursday, working like a charm. Thankfully it has Hynix VRAM which should stand me in good stead like my old ATI 9200 PRO and X1600 cards which I had to give away.

Might give that 7850 a go with the oven trick, lol. The card had served me well through many a game.

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