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TheMonkeyBoyz is still being judged by the masses


I always like these threads.

I'm so BORING when it comes to my case, but I like having all kinds of things surrounding
me on my simple 8' Office Depot type table and on the $30 pine shelf unit of the "Super Peer"
that I have my scanner, color laser printer and stuff connected to.

But you guys have all these cool things inside your case and on your case and my setup
just looks so bland in comparison.

Check out my sever / "Super Peer" setup:

Could it be any less creative?

Check out my Alienware setup:

It just sits there looking bored in the midst of all these cables, speakers, etc.

I have hardly a creative bone in my body. If I did I'd get a dremel moto tool and
some freakin' paint and start doing some crazy mods like you guys do.

Instead, I just sit here trying to use the thing and not getting the visual awesomeness.

I'm virtually ashamed of my lack of goodness...
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