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Thumbs up Unified Driver version 7.98.5 is definetly appreciated

I had not upgraded my graphic drivers on my Fire GL 8800 for a long time and I was able to use AutoCad 2002 with no problems and some for 3dsMax so I never bothered to check.

However I had a major hard time playing Halo PC demo and running 3dMark03 just to see what kind of benchmark I could get and all I got was system crashes with an alternate HDD I use for testing.

Just last saturday I remembered to check the German ATI site and decided to take a risk and try the unified drivers and boy what a difference did they make, now I can run Halo PC and 3dMark03 silky smooth and I get better performance with Autocad and 3dsmax, heck I think I want to get more programs.

Unified Driver version 7.98.5 is definetly appreciated, I then checked out ATI's site just to see and they were offering the 7.96.2 version that was also ok, but of course I compared them and got better image quality and benchmark scores with the 7.98.5 installed.

I am so happy I am going to stick with my card and just reformat my system with a new bigger hard drive I just purchased to use as my main drive to compliment my 6 other Hdds between 3 systems.

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