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NVIDIA Deploys Magma Talus 1.1 into Production

Old, but interesting news from PC Semiconductor.

BANGALORE, INDIA: Magma Design Automation Inc. announced that NVIDIA Corp. deployed Magma’s Talus 1.1 IC implementation system into full production.

Talus 1.1 offers significant improvements in routing, optimization and runtime as well as enhanced usability features. NVIDIA had been participating in the beta testing of the latest Talus release and, based on the positive results of the testing and improved flow performance, made the decision to start using Talus 1.1 for NVIDIA’s production design projects.

“We have recently upgraded to Talus 1.1 in our production environment based on significant improvements in the core algorithms, flow convergence and the overall usability,” said Patrick Sproule, manager of VLSI Design for NVIDIA. “In particular, the improvements in runtime, timing convergence and ECO routing have improved our throughput and quality of results.”

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