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Originally Posted by caveman-jim View Post
Next week I will be attending SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver BC. Please come and join me and check out AMD’s SIGGRAPH 2011 booth #631 where you can see the latest in GPU technology, digital art-making toolsets and digital media workflows.

We have an exciting theater schedule including presentations by Chaos Group (OpenCLTM in V-RAY), Autodesk, Luxology, AMD and other leading names in computer graphics.

The Experience Zone section of AMD’s SIGGRAPH 2011 booth features a “classroom” environment where experts from AMD, Autodesk, Luxology and others will be delivering various hands-on training sessions as well as hosting several FirePro FireDrill speed modeling contests. Take a look at our Experience Zone schedule and join us to learn more about these key technologies.

Of course, I would like to draw your attention to the three OpenCL Tech sessions in the Experience Zone, Tuesday at 1:30pm, Wednesday 11:30am, and Thursday at 1:30pm. In these slots AMD’s developer tools team will be giving guided tours of gDEBugger the first debugger for OpenCL kernels running on a GPU, and AMD’s APP Profiler, a runtime profiler that gathers GPU performance data from a running OpenCL application. Learn how to find and fix bugs in your OpenCL GPU Kernels, and how to boost the performance of your OpenCL applications.

Be sure to go by the AMD booth on Tuesday morning to reserve your spot as seating for these sessions is limited!

As a final note don’t miss the OpenCL Birds of a Feather session at 1:30pm Wednesday. See y’all there.

Are you going?
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