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Originally posted by BMG_Cya=-
Well, well,well....maybe a slight increase afterall.
Gained 400 points in 3D Mark 2001SE. That's a definite
gain, which could be because of DX9(a), or the fact that
I just did a fresh install of XP on a new HDD...hmmmm.
Either way, something is better than nothing.
Well overall the CAT 3.2's which I just did a fresh install with have scored lower in 3Dmark2001se by 400 to 15342 from 15742 points but went up in 2003 by 50 points 4756 to 4806. Not too worried as games overall feel smoother with the 3.2's (not that there was a problem before) I don't know it just feels smoother for some reason.

I did the re-install to put in a new SATA drive and I will say they are sweet. I got sick of compatibility issues with the PATA adapters and just opted for the real thing instead.
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