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Originally Posted by caveman-jim View Post
OK, what about for DX10, DX9. Both iGPU's will support that. An AMD Radeon HD 6450 can embarrass a SB iGPU in those settings. For an iGPU three times more powerful than that... it's gonna be a bloodbath.

The only thing SB iGPU is good for is basic flash games and playing movies. You can do that on E-series APU's, for way cheaper. For corporate/business desktops and notebooks, people who cant/don't want to play games, just have basic media consumption, you don't need a SB CPU. If you need the CPU power, then you can get SB, until you realise that apps are being accelerated with OpenCL, DirectCompute to perform better on GPU's. Then you wish you had more GPU, because in the benchmarks where SB CPU beats AMD Llano x86 CPU, AMD has a nitrous button and boom! APU accelerated parallel processing in Photoshop, Office, video editing, etc.

SB is a great CPU, and offers lots of performance. But the world is moving to GPU accelerated applications, and SB iGPU is weaksauce. IB isn't going to magically jump to $75 mainstream graphics performance, it's going to remain sub $30 dGPU competitive. Great generation on generation increment, but objectively, lacking behind the competition.
What good is any of that though? Bulldozer doesn't have an iGPU, it won't be able to even enter that market. Llano on the other hand has a CPU well below the competitions output, meaning it will have to compete PURELY on GPU power, which means businesses will snub it. Not too many using even Dx9, to be honest with you. They don't play games.

The machines that DO game at home, will have to then make a sacrifice. Do they game more then anything else? Then go Llano, but what the HELL are you doing buying an iGPU when you primarily game? Just buy a darned discreet card and get some gaming power! Do they need more CPU power? Avoid Llano, get the SnB.

I'm sorry cavey, this whole AMD processing generation is just striking me as terribly "glass is half empty" and I'm having a hard time picking up your "glass is half full" position. Not excited about what is seeming more and more dissapointing the more I learn about it.
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