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Nice quick review.
There's two points I'd like to comment on though:
- The FOV is restrictive yes, but I guess the point is to add to the claustrophobic RE horror. This game is SO MUCH better than RE5 and 6 IMHO. Much scarier. This is not an action-oriented shooter (like 5 and 6).
- The graphics might not be great for enthusiasts, but this is originally a nintendo 3DS title. I have played it on the portable console, and for THAT platform it looks awesome. The general art direction is great anyway.. at least I enjoyed it very much.

There you have it. If you miss a good horror game, give this a chance. But I still prefer to play the original 3DS version. You can get into Options, and tune the 3D effect waaaay up if you're comfortable with it.

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