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Originally Posted by gamekill View Post
Nice quick review.
There's two points I'd like to comment on though:
- The FOV is restrictive yes, but I guess the point is to add to the claustrophobic RE horror. This game is SO MUCH better than RE5 and 6 IMHO. Much scarier. This is not an action-oriented shooter (like 5 and 6).
- The graphics might not be great for enthusiasts, but this is originally a nintendo 3DS title. I have played it on the portable console, and for THAT platform it looks awesome. The general art direction is great anyway.. at least I enjoyed it very much.

There you have it. If you miss a good horror game, give this a chance. But I still prefer to play the original 3DS version. You can get into Options, and tune the 3D effect waaaay up if you're comfortable with it.

Glad you liked it.

I get the claustrophobia thing, but I think even with that in mind, it's too much.

I'm pleased it's an actual horror title, but judging from the demo, the gameplay is extremely bland to me (not because it's not an action title).

As for graphics, I know it was a 3DS title, but it feels like if they took it this far, they could've and should've taken it farther. Capcom also has a history of mediocre 'HD' releases and such.
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