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Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
It will be a very small difference in performance. To get more performance you really need to push the frequency higher and start tweaking the subtimings, but that's a deep rabbit hole to go down. Probably not worth it for most.

It's a valid observation. For what it's worth, I'm more on your page. I will not push to extreme voltages for a small gain. I just try to go to the point of diminishing returns and stop there, or even step it back a notch.
Timings and sub-timings have been tweaked as much as I can. With this particular set, if the frequency is pushed higher than 3333MHz, the write speed inexplicably drops by almost half; so 3333MHz seems to be the optimal performance limit for this 32GB Hynix DDR4 3200 kit. Loosening the timings and adding voltage (DRAM, VCCSA, VCCIO) doesn't seem to help either... it will work past 3400MHz, but the write speed crashes at the higher speed negating any gains. Any ideas why the write speed drops off like a switch at higher frequencies? Almost seems like writes go to half the normal data rate due to a signalling error or something.

But then 3333MHz at 15-16-16-32 at default voltage isn't too bad for an early production 3200MHz 16-18-18-38 kit, IMO. Basically, I tried to eek out as much performance as I could without significantly bumping up the voltage, and it does seem to perform better than 96% of similar kits according to UserBenchmark. I also tried bumping up the cache ratio, but getting it to equal the CPU ratio took too much extra Vcore to make it worthwhile.
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