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Ray Deion
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Just got the game, and it is very choppy. Frame rates increased, however, when I disabled USB support in my BIOS. It is still way slower than other games on my system (Halflife, System Shock 2, ReVolt).
750 Athlon Classic, OC to 930
256K RAM
Asus KA7
SB Live
Radeon 64 VIVO, 3063 drivers
Latest VIA drivers
AGP 2X (turbo mode)

Any ideas? I have a hard drive laying around and may try a clean install. The other games, especially ReVolt, are soooo smmoooth, I know it can do better.

BTW, as another data point, I once had a version of Need for Speed installed (forget which one, came with a Gravis joystick, I think it was II) and it too was way slow. I never really tried anything to get it going better, but the Crimson Skies performance reminds me of that.