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Default New HDTV Drivers Etc

Did not notice much of a difference with new HDTV drivers. Maybe a slight improvement with fast motion scenes.... or maybe I think it is better

With fast motion scenes like when in Olympic swimming the camera zooms into a swimmer and the splashing water is very blocky/pixelated.

I get smooth video and audio with under 45% CPU utilization - on an nvidia card... MMC 9.02 got rid of the intermittent video skipping.

Did anyone try the registry settings?

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ATI Technologies\Multimedia\CyberLink\PowerDTV

EnableVMR9 (1) - I'm guessing if set to 0 uses overlay? Can't tell the difference.
RenderCloneMode (2) - Not sure what it does, if I up the value AV skips....
UIUseHVA (1) - Use Hardware Video Acceleration?

Anybody got ideas or other registry keys that can be added?

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