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ATI Technologies *Which* CompUSA did you buy from?

Originally Posted by skinsfan39
Thanks for the reply grog. I figured some of it was probably me not knowing how the digital stuff is working.

If you don't mind, can you take a look at these pics? I just want to make sure what I have is normal so I don't spend a lot of time trying to "fix" something that is just normal for digital TV.

Nice still pic:

Different race...

More pixelated and blurry:
Completely blurry/pixelated:

The diving event seems to be the most distracting. It'll be really nice and clear but once they're in motion (and especially once they reach the water) the picture breaks down into a very blocky display. For now I've just started watching all of it in a very small window since it's a lot less noticeable that way. Again, I'm just basically looking for some sort of confirmation that this is either normal with digital TV or it's not so if it's not, I can track down what I've got wrong. I had an AIW in the system at one point so I'm afraid something left over could be messing things up. Thanks.

Which CompUSA did you buy from?

And which NBC station is your source?

There is WBAL-DT Baltimore (Hearst-Argyle) and WRC-DT Washington, DC (NBC O&O). If you are north of DC in Montgomery or Howard Counties, you might be able to pick up *both* stations. If you can, check which one has the cleaner signal.

I'll be picking up my HDTV Wonder this week, and I'm twenty miles due south of WRC-DT's transmitter (4001 Nebraska Avenue, NW, across from AU). The other major HD station, WUSA-DT (Gannett-owned CBS affiliate), is in the same line-of-sight, but two miles further north (4100 Wisconsin Avenue NW, across from the Tenleytown-AU Metro station).

Also, I'm looking for a place to hang some small (720p) capture-clips post-install. (Yes, there will be *more* than just the Olympics...I'm thinking about doing some local news captures, maybe some JAG, etc.)
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