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Originally Posted by Quick40
After trying to order an hdtv wonder from a week ago and having the sent to warehouse message appear on my screen for 4 days, I cancelled my order and found 1 at Compusa.

That's my story. I finally ordered at ($185), coughed up enough for second day shipping and, believe it or not, it arrived the next day. The package shipped from Pennsylvannia that same afternoon and arrived by 4:00pm sharp the next day. They won me over after that.

Now, if only ATI fixed (or told me how to fix) the Analog TV problem (it doesn't want to install!!!), I would be wery, wery happy indeed.

BTW, turning to what I posted earlier about antennas. Did a little more research. It is preferably if the antennas are the same and aligned. I can't seem to find the page right now, if I do I'll post it. Anyway, ATI's antenna seems to be the best choice for my area, I added a stand alone amplifier (bought at Radio Shack after returning the amp antenna to Best Buy) and it rocks.

Go google for the Silver Sensor antenna, you'll notice it is the same design as ATI's. You'll also find how many people are raving about it. Seems like ATI gave us a very good choice of an antenna.
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