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Default X1650 agp card

I recently purchased a new (? said it was) x1650 card on ebay and now have some problems. The current problems include receiving this meassge (didn't happen before installation), " A debugger has been detected. Unload the debugger and try again" when trying to load an old game (Freelancer). I have read posts from a number of people who have had this problem before with any number of suggestions on how to address the problem none that I have foun have solved my problem. The driver install is 6.14...... and so I attempted to download newer(? I think) drivers but was informed by ATI that I was attempting an illegal download. Can someone please suggest a solution?

Please leave out all the usual unnecessary discussion as I don't want to have to read useless commentary.

Actual suggestions for help would be greatly appreciated. I want to solve the "debugger problem and dl any new drivers if they will help.

Thank you for your help and consideration. I really appreciate those of you who have all the helpful knowledge to assist those of us who lack that knowledge.
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