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Originally Posted by Deeko1976 View Post

Wow that cpu score is way to high, that looks like some kind of mistake, 3700 cpu score for an X2 at 2.53ghz? Think the operating system has been reading things wrong there as I see you are running Windows Server 2003 and your Ati driver is

Figured as much when I ran it to be honest :P But still nice to see 10k+ . Running x64 with CAT 6.7's. Same driver setup in XP pro scores 9157 with a 2.2k cpu score. Re-ran a few times & still getting the same result, so maybe a bug somewhere(Catalysts maybe?) Lookin thru the ORB and only things with similar cpu scores seem to be 3.5gig+ optys.

But you can imagaine the smile on my face when I first saw that 10k Lasted right up until I saw the cpu score................ oh well
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