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Skyline is still being judged by the masses


Originally Posted by 3dfx
Stick with it Skyline it gets better and better. I found that it grew on me the more I played it.

yay .. 300 posts
I've been looking for this game for nearly a year now and I swear I'm gonna play this game till the disc runs away from my GameCube! The only thing that could stop me from playing is if Jessica Alba was lying on my couch, naked, next to me. But I would get her to give me a blow job so I could play longer.

On a side note, a few months ago I never thought I could play RPGs like I used to before without owning a PS2. And now with Tales Of Symphonia, Skies Of Arcadia and Baiten Kaitos and Paper Mario 2 coming soon, I'm really glad I didn't spend money on a PS2. Don't get me wrong I'm not spitting on it or the games available for it but when I hear people talking about FFX or FFX2(the 2 main reasons why I wanted to buy a PS2. Never played either of them btw), it's easy to tell these games might not be a good reason to invest on a PS2 at all...

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