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ATI Technologies

Originally Posted by bill dennison View Post
wonder why

Miners aren't the only reason there are actually supply chain and component shortages as well.

wonder what they are making more of now
It's called capitalism Bill and the American's claim to be good at it. Sell everything you can to whomever is willing to pay the highest prices. A miner's money is as good as a gamer's money after all. Companies want to make profits not friends.

The big question is where are all the AMD GPU's? Scott Herkelman promised AMD would supply the AIB's with enough chips to help them sell their cards at MSRP. That was in December. Never happened. He then said in January that AMD would keep on producing their own cards and sell them at MSRP. Never happened.

So what's going on? I would hazard a guess $ony & M$ have a lot to do with it. Also Zen 3. The thing is Radeon GPU's appear to be the last in line for AMD at the moment and they're just ducking the issue by refusing to make any comments. Miners or consoles it all adds up to the same thing.
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