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Joystick Battlefield 4 "one shot kill" bug fixed, patch coming soon

If you've been getting killed a lot in Battlefield 4 lately and calling bullshit, well, turns out it actually is.

The game's lead scripter Mikael Hedberg says on Twitter the problem is "in projectile impact calculations over several frames when the target was at certain distances." In other words, you're sometimes being registered as getting shot multiple times for lethal damage when you've been shot less than that and shouldn't be dead at all. He offers a longer explanation on Reddit for those interested.

Thanks largely to the helpful video by YouTuber JackFrags below, Hedberg has fixed the bug, which will be rolling out in a patch sometime soon (a changelog has been created but not published yet, so it won't be long), along with other fixes. Don't think "netcode" and hit registration is going to be perfect suddenly (Hedberg says "there are still other unrelated problems"), but this is at least a strong start.

Source: Twitter

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