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Originally Posted by pahncrd View Post
What are the 3d display options (glasses, monitors et cetera...) available now? I used to use stereo 3d all the time until my glasses broke.

Originally Posted by Andrew Fear
Right now our glasses support the new ViewSonic® pure 120 Hz LCDs, Mitsubishi® 3D DLP® HDTVs, generic Texas Instruments checkerboard pattern 3D, and analog CRTs that support at least 100 Hz refresh rate.
The key to look forward to in the future is "3d ready displays" and actually was researching this last night as the industry seems to be moving in this direction. The first monitor suppose to be the Viewsonic 22 inch monitor and have my eye on it but waiting for it to be released -- pretty soon ( maybe 1 month or two away would be my guess.)

Researched the quotes of people that witnessed the effect and amazing and awesome ( A words) were used all the time. The magic wording of Crystal Clear was used by Mark Rein of Epic -- this was what I wanted to hear, if true, based on past solutions offered ghosting type effects that would break immersion after one adjusts to the newness of the 3d effect.

Another area was driver commitment and compatible gaming aspects -- sli gaming -- doesn't make sense if you can't enjoy this in a multitude of games including DirectX 10, and Sli. Things to investigate.

Don't know what the prices will be yet but the CEO did touch on Stereo 3d in the conference call and basically offered most of the exciting details will be offered at launch. To mention it in the conference call, one may imagine the launch may be soon as with most of the details. To include it in Graphics Plus or the GeForce With-In PR programs shows to me that nVidia is serious about bringing this to the gamer.

Working on this for years to improve this and another thing is it brings new gaming experiences to the PC arena to add immersion. Is it for everyone? No but as costs drop for 3d ready devices moving foward, many more gamers may desire to try it and enjoy it. It seems to me, nVidia is trying to create a market and be one of the leaders instead of waiting.

Personally did go bonkers for this and PhysX -- can't help it considering how much I feel about gaming experience factors.
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