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My In-Depth HDTV Impressions

Installation (5/10)
Installation and configuration was one of the only downsides to the HDTV Wonder. The hardware installation went as planned. However, installing the software was a bit different. I put the CD in and chose the install option. The software chose to install older CATALYST drivers over the 4.8s. Additionally, for some reason I could not install the MMC using the CD menu. So I cleaned out the botched installation and install each MMC component manually. It all went well after that. Took me 45 minutes to 1 hour to finish a 15 minute process.

Stability (8/10)
To my surprise, MMC is very stable. I only experience random crashes (happened twice). All the different MMC components worked flawlessly for me.

Features (9.9/10)
This is where the HDTV Wonder shines. It is feature rich. It has a very capable analog and HDTV tuner. Not only that, but the easylook idea is ingenious and I find myself using it all the time. The file player also plays every single media format that I know of which is a welcomed addition. The only knock is that it will not let me choose to play music files from the easylook biggie though. ThruView where you can make the video transparent is kick ass.

Performance (9/10)
Performance is very good on my system. I have been watching 1920x1080 broadcasts and the processor usage is never above 50%.... At times though, the interface can be a bit sluggish.

Image Quality (10/10)
Pictures speak volumes

Overall (9.5/10)
The HDTV Wonder is definately a great purchase. I did not even mention the VIVO and remote wonder which perform flawlessly. Worth every dollar I paid for it...
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