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Default New ATI drivers, always reverts to 800*600 anyone else? OR a thread already?

Latest Drivers, ATI 9600, BenQ 19" LCD monitor, VGA connection. Native resolution 1600*1200 60hz

Is there a thread on this already? I am having difficulty wording the proper search word to find it (if there is one).

Since I installed the new drivers I have the following issues:

1) In the video options for all my Source engine games I can only choose between 640*480 to 1024*768.

2) When I play games in 1024*768 if I quit in all possible ways my screen reverts back to 1024*768 instead of the 1600*1200 native resolution I have set.

3) When I boot up, even after a clean shutdown and having the resolution set at 1600*1200 the pc boots up in 1024*768 and close to 1 minute after being logged on my screen flickers and it reverts back to 1600*1200.

My only solution seems to install the older version. But I would just like to know if I am alone with this issue.
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