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Ziklitschli can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultyZiklitschli can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultyZiklitschli can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficulty


Got my PS5, and am checking games from the collection that I didn't buy for PS4 pro to not ruin them with noise, mainly Uncharted 4 and God of War. Uncharted I played the old ones, so kind of knew will be a waste of time, but GoW took me by suprise. I mean, I knew that I don't like the switch in tone, scale, style and camera, but still went in expecting sth good, for sure not hating it outright, which is what happened.

As soon as I noticed that the movie are unskippable, I started reading from a tablet, and it's not even that I'm cold towards dead wife/ girlfriend stories (I can see this quoted out of context heh), it got me in Mordor, Silent Hill 2, RE7 etc, just here I hated every second. But still, script is always secondary for me, it's the combat that ruined everything, it's like stupid Dark Souls but really stupid. It's all very very early impressions, but what I read after quiting sounded even worse, really didn't expect so much weird change. What was so wrong with an epic scale ultraviolent arcadish ride btw, was smb offended? Mount Olympus maybe, and Zeus beard.
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Garth Merenghi quotes
Most of you will probably know me already from my extensive canon of chillers including "Afterbirth" in which a mutated placenta attacks Bristol.

Everyone has a special talent. Mine is being able to write, produce direct, act, paint... Other people are good plumbers, that's their gift.

There are rebels and there are innovators. I'm a rebel. I play a rebel brain expert who's in rebelliance against conventional logic, who's in rebelliance against the world order. It's about rebelliance. And if that's not being an innovator, I don't know what is.

In times of conflict, when you're up against an agressor, be he human, be he inhuman, whoe'er he be, often he is both.

Greetings traveller. Who am I? Perhaps you have met me twixt sleep and and wake - in the penumbra of uncertainity you call unconsiousness... you know, my books are essentialy about "what ifs". In "Black Fang" I asked - what if a rat could drive a bus? And what if it and its rat brethren took over and ate Parliment?

A lot of people say "Garth Merenghi? Doesn't he write that horror crap?" Well, you're an idiot, because my books always say something, even if it's simple like "Don't geneticaly engineer crabs to be as big as man". There's always a message or a theme.
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