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Actually, I do not play FPS games, so I cannot be more specific about frame rates from personal experience. I do build computers for friends and neighbors though, so I have to do research into which cards do what, depending on their individual needs. Here’s one resource you might look at:,101.html

I’m myself am currently playing The Witcher Enhanced Edition with the 1.5 and the Director’s Cut patch. A word of caution about this game; do not play it with women and small children around. The 5770 is doing a fine job rendering the juicy parts.

Even though the VRAM (1 GB) is the same, the main reason I mentioned the 5830 is the doubling of the interface speed goes from 128 MB to 256MB. All in all, it just comes down to what you’re going to do with the card in relation to long term replacement life.
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