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Redshirt_X can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultyRedshirt_X can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultyRedshirt_X can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficulty


A/V on the cheap:

(Clockwise from the TV, a Toshiba 34HD82 widescreen CRT: a Samsung SIR-T351 HDTV receiver (DVI); the Gamecube and Xbox; entirely too many paperback books hiding the Philips subwoofer; a silver Zenith DVB318 1080i DVD player ; one of the five ancient Aiwa home-theater-in-a-box speakers; a Sony STR-DE845 A/V receiver; a Sony SCD-CE775 CD/SACD player; a dead Sony MDS-JE630 minidisc player; a Toshiba six-head VCR; a Dish Network PVR501 receiver/DVR.)
The three stages of [whatever] fandom:

2. "OMG IT'S HERE!!!!!"
3. "....wait a minute. This isn't the Second Coming! This sucks!"

Originally Posted by Qb2k5 View Post
I like them tall and petite.

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