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Intel still makes CPUs for enterprise customers and high end servers.

IBM has some brilliant engineering folks but Intel ALSO has brilliant engineering folks too hence the fierce competition this can inspire.

It may not "benefit" current consumer market because honestly that market doesn't really respect the technology by overzealous overclocking instead of die shrinks and stability.

The consumer market for CPUs is stagnant because AMD has zero interest in making profits from a die shrunk Zambezi octa-core and favor their Fusion chips.

Note I speak as an impartial technology fanatic and not someone who has profit interest but the last AMD CPUs if die shrunk and made more efficient as it would predictably have helped sell a ton of CPUs...of course the problem would still be overzealous overclockers buying up product for bragging rights and not to actually use them.

Fusion is AMDs interest but the side effect is evident.

Intel hasn't deviated much from their tick tock support...

Samsung isn't in the X86 obviously...hell AMD is the only competition left but X86 isn't the only game in town and it may not be the future.
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