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Unhappy SPECViewperf 7.0

Running both the 6094 and 6118 drivers sets I have found the "USG01" test run for "SPECViewperf 7.0" appears to hang. Some rearch on the Web I did find someone who benchmarked the 8500 series and did not show the "USG01" results. Comment was it took over 7 hours per-render. All the other test runs are fine, but the "USG01" seems to be a problem. Be aware that killing the run is not possible. Had to hard reboot (power cycle) to stop the test.

"C:\Program Files\SPECopc\SPECViewperf 7.0\RunUGS01.bat"

Has anyone run this test?

The "SPECViewperf 7.0" is a fairly new test. Only "UGS01" causes a problem with the test run cases.

I can run "SPECViewperf 6.12" without a problem.

My specs:

DFI AK74-EC Motherboard - 1Ghz Socket A Athlon - 768MB RAM
ATI retail 8500DV
Intel Ethernet PRO 100
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live MP3+

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