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Default Bad BIOS flash x800gt, any advice appreciated

I just registered with the forums here moments ago, hoping some of you might have good advice on the topic. I have a Powercolor x800gt pci-express 256mb card, r480 core (on chip). Previously showed as r423 in ATI Tools. I flashed a few days ago in an attempt to unlock more pipelines if possible. Long story short, floppy drive literally broke during flash, resulting in a bad flash. When I try blindflashing or flashing while using a pci card, I get an error code "Adapter not found". Anyone know any quick fixes for this? Original bios destroyed in drive (lost my temper), found a replacement that should work. I've tried numerous versions of atiflash and one version of flashrom. ATIwinflash freezes my computer. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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