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Originally Posted by Lupine View Post

I did have a bit of a hardware scare last week. System was folding away for however long (I rarely have time to get on the home PC anymore), then one morning last week the box was off. Hit the switch and ... nothing. Turns out the new Seasonic Focus GX-750 died quietly during the night.

Fortunately had purchased two at the time (another for a separate project, that is still waiting for a GPU ), so was able to resolve by simply swapping the other PSU in (didn't swap cables or anything). Have always had good luck with Seasonic, so assuming its a one off.

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If it failed like 2 of my past 2 Seasonic's have after 5+ years of service- It was an inductor failure. No hardware taken with them.

Currently running a Seasonic X-Series 850W (KM3 revision, with the beefed up voltage regulation and 105C all Japanese caps and larger main cap)
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