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Originally Posted by Jet Black View Post
I don't think I buy this argument because developers are not forced to go through Steam but they choose to go through Steam because typically Steam = Sales.
That's strongly implying monopoly power and how they can distort the market because of it.

Epic is literally luring developers with money to come to their store to build market share through exclusivity. That seems far more underhanded than just being the best at the job and letting the customers choose where they wish to shop.
If Steam is the best just because customers prefer it, they shouldn't need contracts stipulating price controls. It's that stipulation which could land them in some trouble. If that stipulation didn't exist then this would be a non-starter.

If you want a store that has a huge customer base, go to Epic. But be warned: They haven't invested in their storefront, they don't advertise games well, they don't have a cart, they don't have forums, they don't have mods, addons, etc. But you will earn more money.
But a small number of sales because you can't lower the price enough to get people to buy on Epic instead of Steam. If I had the option of downloading on Steam for all the goodies at full price, or of forgoing those goodies to save 15% on Epic, then Steam's dominance could be said to be based merely on providing what the customer wants. If the cost on Epic = cost on Steam except for exclusive titles, that isn't true. With price parity, you will always choose the more-full-featured option. Without price parity the consumer can make a decision on what they value more.

Seems like a system that is working as intended.
To keep Steam as the number 1 PC download vendor forever? Yes. That's the definition of monopoly power.
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