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Default Team Rage3D: Welcome & Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Rage3D's [email protected] team! [email protected] ([email protected]) is a program designed by Stanford that uses your otherwise wasted idle CPU cycles to help scientists understand the mysteries of protein folding. More information about this fascinating science can be found at the official [email protected] site, but luckily, you don't need to know anything to run the program and help humanity. By simply installing a program on your computer, you join Rage3D and thousands of others in the search to cure diseases like Alzheimer's and some types of cancer, all with virtually zero impact on your computer's performance. Besides that, it's also a lot of fun to compete against other teams and individually amongst the members of our team.

There really isn't any excuse for you not to fold, so let's get going!

Team Rage3D - Team 64

The first step is to download the [email protected] client:
Believe it or not, that's it! You're now contributing to what could be one of the most valuable scientific projects in existence. After you complete your first work unit (usually after 100 frames), you'll be ready to start watching for yourself in the stats.

And remember to set up as many computers as you can (with permission of course). Tell all your friends; every little bit helps. You can put them all under your name and Team 64 and watch as your name shoots up the team rankings. I'll see you at the top, kid.

Last but certainly not least Check In and Introduce Yourself to the Team!

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