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Originally Posted by Superguy
Hey all,

I was trying to flash my PCI-E X800 Pro VIVO tonight, using the latest Cat's and everytime I flashed it to an XT bios, Windows would detect it as an X800 GT. Still had 12 pipes enabled and X800 XT speeds (my card won't do XT PE speeds). Nothing.

It has 2.0ns RAM, but it does have the yellow audio jack and the Rage Theater chip. I followed the tutorial at, and just about every PCI-E bios for the X800 XT ... an even the 16 pipe pro bios.

Nothing would unlock those other 4 pipes.

Are there any VIVO's out there with the laser cut?

I also heard that there was an ATITool command that you could run to check some registers. W1zzard had a theory about an "f" being in the right place meant it was moddable. Anyone know where that is? I had it book marked, but that was lost when I rebuilt my system tonight.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get this to work?



Use RivaTuner.exe /rr990 . That dump return the contents of register 990 in the following bit mask format - ooooXooo. Bit three where the X is in the mask contains the count of pipe quads that were hard and permanantly disabled at the FAB.

If you have anything other than hex "f" ( binary 1111) at bit three where the X is in the mask above you have a pipe quad or quads that were hard disabled at the FAB due to a defect of a pipe in that quad.

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