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Originally Posted by sumpwa View Post
Hello ATI graphics forum browsers, I'm considering buying a Radeon 5770 card for use in gaming. My question is, how long should I expect it to last before having to upgrade to something else? The most recent graphically updated game I play is Bad Company 2.

In other words, as of the day of writing this post, what is the expected lifetime of a Radeon 5770?
Life span? Good year or so, though, depending on your IQ needs, it may be required for you to purchase a new card now, or a crossfire solution, using 2 5770's or 2 5830's, unless of course you need/want more ram; 2 to 4 gigs is the most powerful, and it'll last you 2 years, with max IQ and greater aa/af quality for most games you'd play.

The cost, however, is dependant on your finances and willingness.
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