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at that price you dont have much choice

how long it will last is partially up to you... & up to crysis2

if you could squeeze up to 5850 that would be much nicer (but that's just me)

i'm a 4870x2, so ~5870, & i'm mostly satisfied, but want some more crysis speed & no more CF, so i'm waiting on 6870... this would make my 4870x2 last over 2 years, not that it will be a slouch after 2 additional years either
-the point is, a little more higher end like 5850 would last longer, unless you get into CF 5770s later on

single 5770 ~35-50fps in BC2 on max dx11
AMD/ATI Catalyst Driver Profiles
OpenGL startup crash fix #1 / fix #2 (for < radeon 6000 cards?)
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