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Originally Posted by t0adp1p3 View Post
"As of v1.6.0 EdgeOS now supports hw offload for:

IPv4 forwarding
IPv4 vlan
IPv6 forwarding
IPv6 vlan
Except for _maybe_ the PPPoE offloading, that was all supported in EdgeOS 1.2.x. If it hadn't been, then that Tolly report that UBNT commissioned would have been a big fat fabrication. Also, notably absent from that quote is "The default for hw offload has been changed from 'off' to 'on'."

Originally Posted by t0adp1p3 View Post
and darn near every single post or review or guide states hardware offload is on by default.
Cool? I'm not sure why you're mentioning that. My ERL shipped with it off. Running the 1.6.0 betas did not turn it on; I had to do that manually. The Ars Technica reviewer who I linked to upthread also got an ERL that shipped with offload off. Plus, you've gone to the trouble to make an entire writeup about manipulating hardware offload.
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