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Originally Posted by Crawdaddy79 View Post
There has been a slight uptick in active users. 37 from 32 over the last two weeks.

We peaked at 65, but doing much better than pre-COVID @ 20 - 25.

Average member is posting over 550k PPD. Jima13 is crushing it.

Eesh.. well.. I'm back in it. New RAM and much needed cooling loop maintenance and its running far better. lol. 1.5-1.6m ppd according to how its reading right now. CPU will be joining the fray once I get my new fans in. -_-

Originally Posted by Crawdaddy79 View Post
No - FlyorDie pegged it.
Anyway, if you have the case space for it, the Nitro+ is the quietest card I've had for as long as I can remember. It pulls about 180W (GPU) and gets 1.5M PPD with non 13421 WUs (gets about 600k PPD with the 13421's, @ 70W). Temp stays at 75C and fan RPM never breaks 3 digits. When it's idling, the fans don't even spin.
I think getting bigger than reference, specialized cooled GPUs is going to be my MO from here on out.
I have plenty of case space. lol. and PCIe slots.

YES ITS DUSTY! Gonna clean it up this weekend. Just wanted to get the dang thing back together after rebuilding the cooling loop. Works A LOT better now. Especially now that I got a fill port and a drain port.
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