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Originally Posted by the_sextein View Post
Define "anytime soon" because I'm pretty sure when most people buy a new platform they don't plan to replace it before a single GPU cycle is released. Right now we are GPU bound at 50FPS at 4k so CPU bottlnecks above 50FPS are unobservable. What do you think is going to happen when GPU power doubles during the lifetime of a new system? You think your CPU is never going to run into a bottleneck at 4k even though there are games that do it now with proof that you are wrong? I'm honestly surprised you even build PC's considering how little you understand about them. Continue believing your "facts" anyone who argues that faster hardware is pointless is clearly missing the point. It might be pointless right now but all hardware will eventually be used and bottlenecked or we would never need to upgrade again. It's common sense. Why pay the same amount for slower hardware? If he has a use for more cores than I agree the 5900X seems like a good CPU but it's not going to do much for him considering what he already owns. An extra 11% on top the 5900X gains is a little more observable. He could see 20 to 25% performance increases in some circumstances. that isn't to say that his current tech couldn't get him by until a much more beneficial platform is available but if he is determined to purchase now he might as well buy the CPU that is clearly better at gaming and priced competitively.
This is a pointless excercise, you are so stuburn about your beliefs about hardware you still cant see straight after our last debate about this. First your looking at Intel slides which I wouldnt believe in the first place. I would say you are several GPU generations away from it making a difference and by that time your going to change your CPU. Your 4080 is not going to push the current CPU's where the GPU is not the limiting factor just like the last time. I would hands down take the 12 Core 5900X over your 8 core Intel is pushing out these days based on pricing of course. Thats also not taking into account new games being able to use more CPU cores.

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